Closing the Sale Training

How do you know your staff needs closing sales training?
They do not ask for the order. They do not seem to recognize prospect buying cues and keep talking when it is time to be quiet. They send customers away to review websites or other info and never get them back.
Why does closing the sale training often fail?
Closing the sale training often focuses on manipulation. You don’t have to push, trick or cheat people to close sales. You don’t have to close “early and often” or “always be closing”. These old-fashioned strategies turn more people off than on.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We teach your front line to partner with prospects in a step by step process from creating interest through closing the sale. Your staff learns to recognize “desire” cues indicating their buyer is ready to act. We custom build training around your sales opportunities, products, services and audience. Your team practices formulating non-manipulative statements and questions that gain payment, schedule appointments, secure the sale for add-on items, etc.