Coaching + Leadership Training

Training That Gets Results For Your Front-Line Staff and Coaches
Great coaches work in the trenches to create behavioral change one small skill at a time. Great leaders focus on the big picture to pave the way for urgent or long-lasting improvement.

We can help you fill your team’s coaching or leadership skill gaps with some fresh content highly customized to overcome their unique challenges.

Or, we can collaborate to create a new culture of coaching or leadership using one of our training and development frameworks.

Coaching + Leadership Skill Gaps

“Small Win Coaching” Framework

What is a Framework?

“Small Win Coaching” is our proven method for developing individuals. Every coaching session results in the improvement of 1-2 small observable behaviors. Instead of giving the same or similar feedback week after week, which is common in contact centers, coaches build teams of top performers.

Our clients report dramatic improvements in employee engagement, staff retention, customer satisfaction, NPS, and quality scores.

To teach all the skills in this powerful framework, a 1-week learning experience blends classroom workshops (ILT or VILT) and live coaching with their teams.

In partnership with clients, we select the topics and customize training to meet sales and service objectives.

Developmental VS Evaluative Coaching


The 4-Step Development Cycle


Observation Skills


Positive Feedback


Corrective Feedback


Determining Skill VS Will


Handling Adverse Reactions to Feedback


Motivation + Discipline

If you are considering coached training for your team, please contact us to discuss how “Small Win Coaching” might be the right fit for your brand.

“8 Roles of a Leader” Framework

What is a Framework?

Leadership comes in many forms. It varies by company and team. Our “8 Roles of a Leader” Framework is highly customized to reflect the actions and beliefs that make successful leaders in your organization.

People leaders and project leaders learn to demonstrate targeted behaviors, attributes and skills to address real-world on-the-job challenges. This proven content has helped thousands of experienced managers and rookies to find their authentic leadership styles while accomplishing the goals their companies’ set.

In partnership with clients, we select the topics and customize training to meet developmental needs and scheduling challenges.

Articulating Goals + Helping Others Catch a Fresh Vision


Leading By Example with Current + New Standards


Supporting Staff + Solving Problems


Observing + Assessing Performance


Counseling, Mentoring + Coaching


Setting Standards + Teaching Skills


Motivation Techniques + Policies


Taking Decisive Action When Discipline is Needed

If you are considering leadership training for your team, please contact us to discuss how “8 Roles of a Leader” might be the right fit for your brand.

Training Delivery Options

Practice-filled custom training for on-site + work-at-home staff of all ages

Classroom Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Self-Paced Learning

Trainer Training

4 Phases of Training Development


Observe & Recommend

We Get To Know You, Then Share Our Expertise

Sample Back Title

Due diligence to understand your culture and challenges ensures on-point training.

Real world case studies from your front line help us customize our content for your brand, customers, and prospects.

Written action plan includes training content, performance standards and strategy for measuring results.

Develop & Deliver

We Design Your Training Content and Make Sure It's Perfect 

Instructor Led

Custom-Developed Instructor Led Classroom Workshops [ILT], Virtual Training [VILT], Webinars and eLearning created by Caras Master Trainers and taught directly to your staff or to your trainers.

Custom branding, themes, messaging, presentations, sample audio calls + emails, learner materials, posters + job aids bring training to life. License to reproduce and trainer training are optional.


We Make Training Stick

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Implementation programs can include quizzes, games and self-paced review activities designed to reinforce new skills as needed or on a pre-planned schedule.

Coach training + tools can include observation forms and a series of 20-minute team meetings.

Sustain & Measure

We Help Prove Your Business Case

Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring of calls, emails and live chat interactions by The Caras Team of Experts or your SMEs.

Survey development and reporting.

Certification programs ensure adoption of new standards.

Add-on recommendations.