Customer Care Training

Training That Gets Results For Your Front-Line Staff and Coaches

By phone, email, chat, social media and face-to-face, your customer care professionals must act with diplomacy, tact, and authority.

We can help you fill your customer care skill gaps with some fresh content highly customized to overcome the challenges your front line really faces.

Or, we can collaborate to create an elevated culture of service using one of our training and development frameworks.

“The 3 C’s” Framework

What is a Framework?

Today’s customers demand kind, intelligent humans who can solve problems quickly and fairly. They care about how someone makes them feel, how someone understands and addresses their needs, and how someone follows through. Right now, your brand is being judged on this criteria.

Caras Training strips out the canned, foolish phrases and relics from ancient customer service beliefs.

We can help clients create a set of clearly defined standards for diplomatic and tactful professional interactions.


With the people who mean business to you in your real world situations (face-to-face, phone, email, live chat, social media).


To understand, follow your procedures to resolve and explain next steps.


To ensure accuracy, meet reporting needs and thank sincerely.

Please contact us to discuss the current state of your customer experience program and see if we can help you reach new heights of quality.

“Business Writing: The Non-Boring, No-Snoring Version” Framework

What is a Framework?

Caras Training brings order and skill to all aspects of business writing. Instructor-led workshops and custom eLearning programs have helped thousands to be clear, kind, and thorough wherever and whenever they write.

Cold as ice or missing the point. That’s the image of business writing in many companies today. Email, live chat and social media responses should reflect the brand voice that marketing worked so hard to create, but they don’t.

Writers have forgotten the basic rules of grammar so their work confounds or inflames customers, prospects and colleagues. Time is wasted, feelings are hurt, and sales are lost.

If you are considering some business writing training for your team, please let us help you. We have very engaging content for memorable learning experiences that get results.

Team Meetings for Training Reinforcement

Skill development begins with a learning event, but it doesn’t end there. Knowledge grows and is sustained through repetition. Caras Training designs, develops and delivers activities that reinforce and re-teach. This protects your investment in people and in training.

Please feel free to take a look at these samples:

Training Delivery Options

Practice-filled custom training for on-site + work-at-home staff of all ages

Classroom Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Self-Paced Learning

Trainer Training

4 Phases of Training Development


Observe & Recommend

We Get To Know You, Then Share Our Expertise

Sample Back Title

Due diligence to understand your culture and challenges ensures on-point training.

Real world case studies from your front line help us customize our content for your brand, customers, and prospects.

Written action plan includes training content, performance standards and strategy for measuring results.

Develop & Deliver

We Design Your Training Content and Make Sure It's Perfect 

Instructor Led

Custom-Developed Instructor Led Classroom Workshops [ILT], Virtual Training [VILT], Webinars and eLearning created by Caras Master Trainers and taught directly to your staff or to your trainers.

Custom branding, themes, messaging, presentations, sample audio calls + emails, learner materials, posters + job aids bring training to life. License to reproduce and trainer training are optional.


We Make Training Stick

Sample Back Title

Implementation programs can include quizzes, games and self-paced review activities designed to reinforce new skills as needed or on a pre-planned schedule.

Coach training + tools can include observation forms and a series of 20-minute team meetings.

Sustain & Measure

We Help Prove Your Business Case

Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring of calls, emails and live chat interactions by The Caras Team of Experts or your SMEs.

Survey development and reporting.

Certification programs ensure adoption of new standards.

Add-on recommendations.