Customer Retention Training

How do you know your staff needs customer retention training?
Your reporting shows client retention is lower than expected even though your services are competitive. Your staff loses clients to competitors. You observe staff arguing with customers rather than connecting and re-selling.
Why does customer retention training often fail?

Typical client retention training includes over-used techniques that fail to change the minds of today’s information-savvy buyers. It teaches “why questions” which makes customers defensive and more committed to leaving. Re-selling skills and tools are often missing.

What does Caras Training do that’s different?
“I want to cancel” can mean a client has no need, no budget, no understanding of the value, or has found another option they believe is superior. Your staff must learn to identify what customers will do without your service so they can re-sell. We teach proven steps for becoming an ally, drawing out real opinions and preferences, and then re-selling the unique features and value of your services. Your staff practices handling save calls in real-world role-play situations using new custom job aids and strategies we create.