Diplomacy, Tact + Authority

How do you know your staff is struggling to balance diplomacy, tact and authority?
They express frustration that customers are not listening to them. They show impatience with people who do not understand what they are trying to explain. They use judgmental or bullying words in attempts to control others.
Why does training on diplomacy, tact or authority often fail?
Typically, these 3 key behaviors are taught separately, if at all. Product support or technical support people are never instructed on how to sound knowledgeable and confident while adapting to the skill level and needs of each customer. No one has defined authoritative behaviors nor shown staff how to carry their authority.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We help them understand what international diplomats know about connecting with people who don’t speak their language. We define diplomatic words, tactful words and authoritative behaviors. Your staff practices with a customized list of words to say and words to avoid in case study situations drawn from their real customer situations.