EMPATHY Training

How do you know your staff is not expressing empathy effectively?

They parrot back exactly what a customer said. They sound scripted. They miss or ignore customer cues about their feelings and bad experiences. They miss or ignore customer compliments. Customers escalate from a little upset to loud and angry.

Why does empathy training often fail?

Traditional empathy training provides scripted statements and advice on how to sound kind. This may seem right, but it misses the point of making truly empathic responses. Learners leave with words to say and ideas about tone of voice, but they never learn to connect with their callers.

What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We teach a methodology for responding with empathy that emotionally bonds your staff with their customers. They practice listening to your real-world customer cues during every step of their calls, then responding so they sound right and say the right things. Escalations are prevented and customers believe they are being helped by a smart, caring ally.