Features + Benefits Training

How do you know your staff needs features and benefits training?
They do not explain your products and services using compelling words. When they describe your offers, they focus on what it does instead of what it does for the customer. They are not selling value or the value of using your products and services. Your sales goals are not being met.
Why does features and benefits training often fail?
Typically, features and benefits training is copied from field sales training where salesreps have long face-to-face conversations during multiple meetings. It is too complex and time consuming for selling by phone and live chat selling.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
Features describe your products and services. We teach your staff to bring descriptions to life with colorful adjectives that entice. They learn to match each feature to how it meets the four things people value (saves money, or adds convenience, or brings peace of mind, or provides physical benefits). In writing and in role-play, your staff practices presenting your offers so buyers see the value and can justify the investment. Using opportunities from your real-world phone and chat situations, learners perform skills drills that create sales mastery.