Identifying Upsell + Cross-Sell Opportunities Training

How do you know your staff needs help identifying sales opportunities?
They miss cues that could lead to a larger order or an add-on item. When given cross-sell goals they miss the targets. They are inconsistent with recommending a larger or more expensive solution (upsell) and seem to miss even the easy opportunities.
Why does training on identifying opportunities often fail?
It assumes everyone is a prospect for your cross-sell or upsell and demands that staff makes an offer to everyone. These generic offers sound insincere and have no connection to the conversation. It focuses on your products and services instead of contacts’ situations and needs. Practice is minimal and rarely includes realistic audio examples, emails, or chats.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We begin with your scenarios where upselling and cross-selling bring genuine value to the buyer. We custom design job aids with meaningful cues they can listen for or look for. We provide custom audio samples that sound realistic and custom emails or chats built from your real-world situations. Your staff practices making connections between direct and subtle remarks made by their contacts and the value of your upsell or cross-sell. Our identifying upells and cross-sell opportunities training includes lots of skill practice. It builds confidence and competence until the opportunities become obvious then irresistible to your staff.