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Jay Foley

Learning Consultant, Master Trainer

Jay Foley

Jay Foley is a corporate training professional with 20+ years’ experience designing, developing, delivering and implementing learning programs that get results. 

He brings industry expertise in healthcare, health insurance, medical devices, biologics, manufacturing, staffing and not-for-profit. 

His work includes creating and delivering training for product sales, product support, new product releases, customer service, written and verbal communication, team dynamics, management skills for new supervisors, new hire onboarding. 

His most recent staff position was as Customer Care Training Manager for the US in a medical device company ranked #4 on Forbes 2017 Most Innovative Growth Companies. 

Jay started his adult life in aviation in the US Navy. Prior to becoming a corporate training professional, he worked in various tech companies in manufacturing, engineering, and quality control. He earned an A.S. in Marketing and a B.S. in Business with a Social Sciences minor from Franklin Pierce University, graduating summa cum laude. 

Jay volunteered to be certified as a Total Quality Management trainer while working in Research Engineering at Bausch & Lomb, and the rest as they say, is history; he’s been a training professional ever since. In addition, Jay deployed as a Red Cross Disaster Relief volunteer to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and fell in love with their mission. On return, he took a staff position with the Merrimack Valley chapter as the Director of Development and Community Education.  

Jay’s strength comes through his unique ability to connect with leaders, managers, audiences, and colleagues on a personal level while maintaining a professional bearing. He knows how to get to the bottom of a challenge requiring a training solution, create and deliver a solution, and measure success. He is dynamic and engaging in the learning space, adding appropriate humor, and asking just the right question at just the right time to ensure program success.