Leading Challenging people + situations training

How do you know your leaders are struggle with challenging people and situations?
Wrong behaviors are allowed to continue. Team members complain about inconsistent or unfair treatment. Change takes a long time to enact. Resistance to leadership is apparent in meetings and on-the-job.
Why does training on leading through challenge often fail?
Canned leadership training uses generic concepts that don’t match up with your company policies, industry realities or departmental challenges. Training assumes customer service, sales, tech support and product support personalities and challenges are the same and this is not true. Managers are expected to figure out for themselves how to apply leadership concepts to the challenges they face.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We begin with your company’s policies and values. We look at the personalities and challenges that exist in your real world. Then, we design activities that create competence and confidence. Your leaders learn to understand the behavior they are seeing and form a quick action plan. They practice connecting with 4 common behavioral types and establishing authority that minimizes conflict.