Leading Work at Home Teams Training

How do you know your supervisors are struggling to lead work at home agents?
They express uncertainty or surprise about 2 or more agents’ skills or commitment. They are not using all of the tools your company has provided to support remote workers. Minimal time is spent one-to-one with work at home reps. Team members ask for help from colleagues rather than their manager. Attrition has become a concern.
Why does traditional leadership training fail to help with leading work at home staff?
Traditional leadership training shares high-level solutions to big-picture concerns. But, managing work-at-home staff requires a ground-level approach. It does help leaders become influential enough with workers they have never met in person.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
Your staff learns and practices developing virtual relationships using a 6-step process to establish authority, help individuals accept goals, assess performance, up-skill, continuously re-engage, and bond team members to one another.