Observation + Feedback Training

How do you know your supervisors need observation and feedback training?

They use judgmental words rather than observational words when giving corrective feedback and this results in unnecessary agent pushback. They mix positive feedback and corrective feedback in a single conversation. Team performance is inconsistent and not always on target.

Why does observation and feedback training often fail?
Traditional feedback training is not thorough. Observation training is completely left out so supervisors never learn this essential coaching skill. It teaches old-fashioned corrective feedback models that do not build trust, do not reinforce what is good, and do not change what needs to change.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We teach your coaches to observe without bias. Using custom-recorded samples they practice hearing behaviors and comparing them to your standards. They learn to find patterns that are worth coaching on. Your supervisors learn to give effective positive feedback that builds trust and reinforces excellence. They learn to conduct 10-minute interactive conversations that give effective corrective feedback.