Overcoming Objections Training

How do you know your staff needs overcoming objections training?
“No” ends sales conversations even when it is obvious the contact has misunderstood and may be paying more for less. Staff tries to use pre-written responses with minimal success. Their attempts seem too weak or too aggressive and are ineffective too often. They treat questions as if they are objections and lose sales they should be able to get. Sales targets are not being met.
Why does overcoming objections training often fail?
Old-fashioned techniques for handling objections are still being taught. Asking “why questions”, for example, causes today’s savvy buyer to defend their decisions instead of re-opening sales conversations. Emphasis on scripted “reversals” make your team sound inauthentic.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We customize handling objections training so it teaches real and valid reasons why someone might say “no” or “not now” to your services. We map these cancelation reasons to your sales process to create useful job aids that help re-open conversations and opportunities. Your staff practices recognizing when an objection is an attempt to stop the sale using scenarios drawn from your real-world selling situations. They learn and practice a 4-step process for connecting with buyers, re-opening their minds, uncovering mistaken beliefs and providing powerful, authentic reasons for buyers to say “yes”.