Presenting Bad News

How do you know your staff is struggling with presenting bad news?
They sound cold. Or, they sound too apologetic and timid. They use scripted statements that include overused negatively charged words such as “unfortunately”, “it’s our policy” and “at this time”. Too often customers argue and then demand a supervisor. Staff seems defeated.
Why does training on giving bad news often fail?
They are being taught to sound forceful about decisions that were actually made by someone else. This incongruity is recognized by assertive customers who seize the opportunities to cut your staff “down to size”. Presenting bad news and saying “no” nicely are taught using pre-scripted phrases that inflame more people than they calm.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We provide techniques for balancing the power to say “no” with the intentions, words and procedures of someone who is doing everything possible to say “yes”. Your staff practices handling real-world scenarios until they sound confident and competent with this challenging skill set.