Preventing Escalation Training

How do you know your staff is not preventing escalations?
They miss subtle cues that a customer is upset. They use disparaging or dismissive words to deflect blame or avoid helping and customers become louder or angrier. They transfer calls to supervisors that you feel they should be able to handle.
Why does escalations training often fail?
It focuses on trying to calm or manage the behavior of very angry people. By then, an agent’s options are limited.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We teach staff to recognize cues to unhappiness early while the relationship can still be saved. Your team learns to stop and begin a disarming and de-fusing process that works. They practice one of our models for proving they hear, care and can help. Using customer situations from your real-world, learners become competent and confident with professional de-escalation techniques by phone, in person or in writing.