professional language Training

How do you know their language is unprofessional?
You hear bad habits including non-words such as “yup”, “irregardless” and “anyways”. “No problem” is mistakenly used instead of “you’re welcome”. Sarcasm is used “jokingly”. Customers and colleagues are described using disrespectful terms.
Why does professional language training often fail?
Using professional language is a complex topic that is often mistaken for a simple one. A positive word list is useful, but it does not address long-held grammar and word choice mistakes. Typically, staff is not taught to choose words wisely and in context to the person or situation.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?

We teach professional language from every angle that is relevant to your brand and customers. We review your emails, chats and phone calls to find cultural errors and habits to eliminate so that your staff uses professional language instead. We provide custom job aids for learners to practice with. It takes multiple skill drills and role-play for your staff to become fluent in professional language and we make sure their behavioral change is observable and measurable.