Sales Process Training

How do you know your staff needs sales process training?
When asked, your staff cannot explain the steps of their sale with any confidence. They push to the close too fast and create objections because prospects are not sold. Their pipeline reports do not reflect the realistic likelihood of turning their opportunities into sales. They promise more sales than they close. They abandon opportunities they should be pursuing.
Why do sales process training and sales training often fail?
There are so many old-fashioned and incomplete sales models out there, that answering this question could fill a book. Sales training fails because it does not reflect the way your prospects interact with your brand and invest in your solutions. Sales process training often focuses on what the sellers should be doing without teaching them to notice what their prospects are saying and doing.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?

Our sales process training teaches your staff the human buying process. They learn to open sales conversations to engage prospects and identify how hot or excited they are about your offers. Your staff practices managing interactive conversations that uncover needs and help customers see the value of your solutions. They build skills and confidence moving prospects from “curiosity” to “action”.