Small Win Coaching

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“Small Win Coaching” is our proven method for developing individuals. Every coaching session results in the improvement of 1-2 small observable behaviors. Instead of giving the same or similar feedback week after week, which is common in contact centers, coaches build teams of top performers.

“Small Win Coaching” Training typically involves 3-6 partial days in a classroom with coaching skill practice activities in between. Our clients report dramatic improvements in employee engagement, staff retention, customer satisfaction, NPS, and quality scores.

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At Caras Training, we believe that great coaches:

  • Walk the talk. This means they must be trained to demonstrate the skills they are coaching people on.
  • Observe without bias. This means they must be trained to identify behaviors that meet your standards and behaviors that need improvement.
  • Give feedback that bonds them with staff & improves performance, at the same time. This means they must be trained to use effective positive and corrective feedback methodology that is specific, concrete, actionable, and kind.
  • Teach new skills as your company standards change. This means they must be trained to facilitate learning meetings.
  • Motivate, reward & inspire. This means they must be trained on best practices for using their empowerments, time and tools to improve engagement and performance, concurrently.

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