Non-Intrusive, Well-Timed, Anti-Obnoxious Selling By Customer Care Teams

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Oy, selling sure seems like a naughty word in many customer care departments. Yet, customers want to be told if their service is about to expire, or the product they bought is too small for the job, or the cost per unit is lower if they buy a larger package. At least some customers do.

Selling in the service queue can add real value to a customer’s experience and to your brand image. But not if customer service reps are expected to use pushy sales tactics that make them feel uncomfortable. So, forget adapting sales training from your company’s outbound prospecting team. Instead, please consider Caras Training’s original model for non-intrusive, realistic selling.

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Our powerful, non-intrusive service-sale methodology and training has helped thousands of “non-salespeople” to:

  1. Understand who wants them to up-sell or cross-sell, why, and when
  2. Become confident they can be honest while selling
  3. Learn a conversation model that satisfies their callers’ initial requests first, and then transitions to a sales discussion
  4. Learn how to talk about the products or services in a simple, yet persuasive way
  5. Hear customers moving from “no interest” to “interest” to “evaluation” to “desire”, and then ask for the sale
  6. Be encouraged to begin an up-sell but to stop selling if they do not create a little interest

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