Strategic problem solving training

How do you know your staff is struggling with strategic problem solving?
Problems are partially unsolved causing re-work. Sometimes the wrong SOP or remediation is chosen. Problems recur because they were only solved for the moment and not the long term.
Why does training on problem solving often fail?
This tricky subject does not lend itself to canned, pre-packaged training or methodologies because problem resolution is unique to your products, policies, procedures and clientele. SMEs are often cast in the role of training developers and they do their best to transfer their knowledge using a big PowerPoint deck, examples and stories. No one is teaching strategic thinking.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We find patterns in your best practices and turn them into teachable methodologies. We write clear new standards for strategic problem solving and design memorable graphics that you will use for years. Often, strategic thinking includes looking at a customer’s current situation, history, problems and goals to find ways to solve problems permanently. Your staff practices with their new standards, new job aids and your real-world scenarios until they can fluidly assess and resolve common and unusual problems.