Tone of Voice training

How do you know your staff is not managing tone effectively?
You hear them sound bored or defensive. Their apologies do not sound sincere. When customers get loud and angry some of your team members get louder, too. They do not seem to have control over tone.
Why does training on tone of voice often fail?
It’s not specific. No one has defined which tones belong in which situations. No one has broken down the elements of tone so they can teach it. Learners are urged to sound “kind”, for example, but not taught what to do to create a “kind” tone.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
Tone is the emotion in our voices. When people feel enthusiastic, for example, they talk faster and louder with lots of inflection. They don’t even realize they are doing it. We call this controlling VIPS [volume, inflection, pitch and speed]. Your staff learns the appropriate emotions to show in your business and how to adjust their VIPS the way professional actors do. We teach them to perform their jobs with the tone of voice skills they need to sound right in the situations they face.