Transfer + Hold Etiquette

How do you know your staff is struggling with transfer and hold skills?
They sound abrupt. Courtesy words are missing. Customers who complain they have been transferred many times are not reassured. They miss opportunities to use “conference in” or “warm transfer” procedures. CSAT complaints include being placed “on hold” for too long.
Why does training on transfer and hold etiquette fail?
Lack of practice is the primary reason training on these critical phone etiquette skills fails. Staff is given pre-scripted phrases to use that sound insincere. Tone of voice techniques are left out of the training.
What does Caras Training do that’s different?
We teach your staff to talk about the upside of a short hold or a warm transfer to help customers feel good about what will happen next. We customize job aids with your procedures, so staff knows how to bring a colleague onto the line and perform a professional handoff that feels good to everyone. Your staff practices using new job aids in a wide array of realistic scenarios with personalities and language barriers and everything they face in the real world.