Since 1990, Caras Training has designed and delivered meaningful, memorable learning experiences for contact center and retail clients.

6 things that set Caras Custom Training Programs above the rest:

  1. We are experts in contact center and retail sales, service, tech support, coaching and leadership and have used that knowledge to create original training available nowhere else. “The VIPS Method for Mastering Tone of Voice” + “The 5 Steps in The Human Buying Process” are just two examples of fresh, powerful content we customize for clients who need it.
  2. We do the work to understand your customers, products, services, tools and challenges before we recommend training activities or an entire curriculum. This ensures a clear path to measurable results that satisfies everyone including budget-holders.
  3. Caras Custom Training Programs are filled with practice solving the real-world situations your staff is faced with. Character dossiers, sample phone calls, video and case studies bring training to life in the classroom or online.
  4. We make sure training sticks by blending Instructor-led Training, Custom eLearning, Supervisor-led Team Meetings, Coach Training, Measurement Tools and Trainer Training. Clients choose the right blend of actions and options for your environment and goals.
  5. The Caras Team of Consultants, Instructional Designers, Facilitators and eLearning Programmers are flexible and easy to work with. We deliver on-time, on-point and on-budget.
  6. We make it fun and we get observable, measurable results.