Gary Connor

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Instructional Designer for Instructor-Led Learning

Trainer Certification

Master Facilitator
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A graduate of the University of Delaware, Gary Connor has spent more than 30 years developing training to create competence and to help organizations change for the better. He is an expert designer of classroom and eLearning programs that can work together to address the needs of companies whose learners live and work around the globe.

As a curriculum designer, Gary’s creativity and understanding of adult learning has infused more than 1000 training programs with powerful activities that translate into real world skills. Gary Connor is known for creating training that is highly interactive and fun whether the program is instructor-led, computer-based or eLearning or some blend of all 3. Learners participate and develop the right skills needed for their jobs while performing tasks including games, role-play, repetitive practice, discussion, demonstration and testing. His Leader Guides and Tools make it easy for all levels of facilitators to repeat the powerful learning experience again and again.

Measurements include Levels 1-4 customized for clients to ensure success and return on their training investments.

Using his expertise in sales, service and systems, Gary has designed, developed and delivered content that has improved profits and reduced employee turnover. Using client expertise and methodologies, he has added “The Gary Connor Touch” in order to improve the speed and permanence of important learning.

Mr. Connor’s career spans three Fortune 500 companies with his last corporate position as Director of Training for Pitney Bowes. There he pioneered one of the first applications of interactive keypad technology in a corporate training environment. The results of his work included reducing the new hire development cycle to create competence faster in customer care and sales. His advanced training and implementation programs helped staff and management in all departments to contribute to the greatest growth his firm had seen in its history. Since 1995 he has worked with Caras Training.

He has personally trained over 10,000 sales and service people and 5,000 sales and service managers. He is regarded as kind, flexible, knowledgeable and memorable.

Gary Connor is the author of:

  • Buyer’s Side Selling
  • Instant Sales Meetings (Fenman Ltd.)
  • Sales Games & Activities for Trainers (McGraw Hill), now in its third printing.