Mindy Chozick

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Business Process Consultant

Front Line Staff Certification

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Mindy Chozick brings more than 25 years of experience to her consulting role at Caras Training. Her expertise includes customer service, sales, leadership, and management in retail and contact center environments.

As Vice President, Sales & Service, for Tiffany & Company, she and her team transformed a reactive, service organization into a pro-active sales and service powerhouse while ensuring the delivery of luxurious B-to-B and B-to-C experiences.

In her long career at Tiffany, Ms Chozick built partnerships with varying corporate departments in order to create a climate of employee development through coaching, self-discovery and accountability. She led the update of a fully leveraged Training, Coaching and Quality Monitoring program.

She led a cross-functional business team in the development of the original CRM tools and customer database for Tiffany and co-led the development of the first Voice of the Customer survey program. As VOC efforts expanded globally, she served as an advocate for the effective use of VOC feedback across the enterprise to ensure a brand-appropriate customer experience.

She championed the development and implementation of critical contact center technologies and launched Social Media in the contact center.

As a consultant, Ms Chozick is a strategic thinker who contributes to proactively managed change and ensures each organization’s vision is clearly understood, internalized, and executed.