Since 1990, Caras Training has been breaking all the rules of traditional customer service, sales and coaching for contact centers and retail businesses. We are fresh, but in a good way.

We custom-design lively training programs for your company with memorable characters, hot-button scenarios, and practical, tactical methodologies that help your staff do their jobs with competence and confidence.



Caras Training provides original content highly customized for your brand.

Looking for training results?

Why Choose Caras Training?

Fresh Content
Caras Training has developed powerful methodologies for every customer service, sales and coaching skill. We customize it to support your policies, procedures and brands. Does listening become easier if your staff knows exactly what to listen for?

Can you really teach supervisors to coach on tone-of-voice and get results? Is it possible to gather personal customer information without offending or interrogating? Can selling be non-pushy and still increase revenue? Yes, to these questions and many more with our fresh, original content solutions. Watch our videos or read our course outlines to learn more about our original content.
4-Phased Approach
1) We Get To Know You, Then Share Our Expertise
- Observation
- Interviews
- Existing Training Review
- Find Case Study Scenarios
- Course Outline(s)
- Action Plan to Achieve Behavioral Changes + Results

2) We Build The Training + Make Sure It Is Perfect
- Activities, Job Aids, Participant Handouts
- Presentation Materials + Posters
- Training Facilitation
- Assessment
- Edits
- Leader’s Guides + Trainer Training, if desired

3) We Make Training Stick
- Implementation Programs
- Monitoring + Coaching Job Aids
- 20-Minute Reinforcement Meetings
- Coach Training

4) We Help Prove Your Business Case
- Reporting
- Surveys
- Observation
- Add-on Recommendations
Character + Scenario Driven Activities
We take the time to understand the real-world situations your staff must be prepared to master. Then, we bring those scenarios to life with memorable characters for activities and skill practice. At the end of a class or eLearn, your staff knows exactly what to do and say and when. Always productive, never dull.
Custom Blended Learning
Our instructional designers build training for every delivery platform. Engaging classrooms, self-paced eLearning programs, online learning games, synchronous webinars and supervisor-led team meetings can work together to create competence and confidence for staff at all levels.

How much time or expense could you save in new hire training with a well-blended program? We can help you figure it out.
Proven Results
Our clients have many successes to brag about. They are brands you know and brands you will know soon. Results include a new culture of service with customer survey scores of 90+, average order sizes that tripled in 60 days, employee attrition changing from 70% to 12% in 1 year, and many more.

We strictly preserve our clients’ privacy, but they are happy to talk with you personally, when asked. Please reach out to us for references that will blow you away.

Hello, my name is Ronna Caras and I appreciate your visit today. You must be looking for some fresh training to help your contact center or retail staff succeed. Please look around our site and help yourself to free tools. Contact me if you want to talk about achieving your goals by your deadline and within your budget.


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